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Renewed Inc. a 501©3 organization established since Nov. 17, 1999 as a non-traditional program to eradicate homelessness, housing counseling and to create social reform. Our programs are promoted through education, advocacy and reform efforts providing Renewed Inc. policy direction for both and short and long term initiatives. Our primary objective is to provide neighborhood stabilization through workforce development and housing initiatives through construction rehabilitation projects and housing counseling to the veterans and communities in which we serve .


Our partnership with Flying For Hope a 501c3 charitable agency located in Florida is making great strides with our organization where we provide  the workforce development program for veterans in helping them to attain employment and other needs and Flying for Hope provides flights to visit the sick or elderly and estranged relatives . Visit the website at and consider helping us to provide veterans their everyday needs in Illinois and Florida by clicking the DONATE button below. 


We will utilize our housing counseling agency to educate and assist all consumers with first time homebuyers workshops and seminars , mortgage default counseling , loss mitigation options, credit counseling and other services in which we provide especially to help veterans in their day to day life choices.

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Our Mission


To create sustainable communities through housing, education and housing counseling services which develops and promotes the revitalization of communities.

Housing Counseling 


The program to assist our veterans through education and social reform. The techniques and standards of our veteran program will be promoted through education, advocacy and housing reform efforts. US Veterans who have served our country and have found themselves to be helpless and homeless deserve our support. Whether through their experience of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or disabilities or mental disorders we will combat homelessness among veterans by providing housing services in a upscale housing environment which include 7 major components in which we will address in our approach to recovery:
1. Housing/Supportive Services
2. Treatment
3. Prevention
4. Outreach and Education
5. Income/Employment/Benefits
6. Community Partnerships
7. Ownership

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