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Helping Families around the World


People around the world are in desperate need.Homelessness, poverty, death, disease, and disasters , drug abuse ,mental illness , lack of employment , homelessness wreak havoc in the lives of millions. Many times consumers have no family suffer from mental illnesses ,unemployment and homelessness.  Our seven Pillar Approach is designed to restore the "whole" person.


The Seven Pillar Approach

For our veterans we will provide a newly rehabbed property in a positive housing environment to change the veterans from substance abuse and mental illnesses from the life and environment of conflict and confusion . When we change a veteran we change our future. The strength of the seven pillar approach is that all elements work together to provide the best possible outcome, giving each veteran a stake in their success.Housing/Supportive Services ,Treatment , Prevention , Outreach and Education,Income/Employment/Benefits , Community Partnerships , which lead to Ownership. 


We also use the same seven pillar approach to stabilize and rebuild communities in which we serve! Join our fight to clean up the communities in the Chicagoland and surrounding suburbs. We want every abandoned home filled with new owners and renters and we will teach them to build communities in which they will care for and nuture healthy and whole families!! 

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