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Veterans' Training Programs

  • Educational  Training Programs

  • Programs to assist veterans in obtaining skills for the workforce

  • Monthly training allowances provided to veterans by the Department of Veteran Affairs
    (GI Bill to be applied for )

  • Educational program designed to use GI BILL for skill building

  • On-the-Job Training

  • Employer-Veteran training program

  • ​Employers will provide scaled wages to veterans.

  • Two-year training programs

  • We provide linkages with other agencies to allow the veteran choices in programs 

  • Employment referral resources 

  • Resume and Interviewing Skills workshops 

  • Credit Counseling Workshops along with Pre and Post Purchase Training Workshops 



Vocational Rehabilitation Program Referral Source

  • Veterans Administration sponsored education program

  • University approved four-year program (Utilize GI BILL)

  • Veterans must be rated by the VA with a 20 percent or greater disability to qualify



Employment Application


Step1: Download PDF

Step 2: Complete the Application for Services form along with:

a. DVA Release of Information

b. DD214

c. Most Recent Psycho-Social History including current list ofmedications and current TB test results. Proposed discharge date and aftercare needs


Step 3:Send completed application

Questions? Please contact Renewed Inc. Admissions Office (773)701-6676 after receipt of the completed application, Renewed Inc. admission staff will contact the individual to arrange for an interview date/time.


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