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Practice Being A Good Neighbor

We need more affordable housing in Illinois, and it needs to be more equitably distributed.


The Good Neighbor Project of Renewed Inc. was developed to meet the need for affordable, accessible, inclusive communities everywhere in Illinois  and Florida by creating a more equitable geographic distribution of affordable housing through our construction rehabilitation program.


The Fair Share Housing Measure describes the additional affordable housing units that a community should make available in order for that community to bear an equitable geographic share of the total need.



To become a Good Neighbor Endorser, send a confirmation email to us at in the subject : GOOD NEIGHBOR 


Affordable Housing -

  • has an extremely high positive economic impact

  • is of proven social benefit to the communities where it is situated



Illinois / Florida Affordable Housing Needs -


  • cannot be met solely by focusing on the gap between incomes and housing cost or on the funding required to make housing affordable for poor Illinoisians.

  • can only be met by addressing social, regulatory, and civic barriers to a more equitable geographic distribution of affordable housing and greater life opportunities.

  • Blighted homes renovations in all communities 


A Fair Share of Affordable Housing means -

  • a better geographic distribution of affordable housing

  • greater choices and opportunities for all households, including homes accessible to people with disabilities

  • more inclusive communities

  • an overall benefit to the state and communities with blighted properties 


Affordable Housing should be made available in -

  • low to moderate and mixed-income neighborhoods

  • a variety of different housing types

  • healthful environments

  • proximity to open space, employment opportunities, public transportation, and well-performing public school districts

  • communities where unemployment, poverty, and crime are low

  • racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods

  • neighborhoods with a diversity of work and professional backgrounds among heads of households.

For all these reasons -

We endorse the Good Neighbor Project of Renewed Inc. 

We recommend use of its Fair Share Housing Measure in community planning discussions.We ask the question, “Why Not In My Back Yard?


By becoming an endorser, you help us work for a more equitable distribution of affordable housing throughout the state.

(Personal information will be kept confidential if requested.)

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