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Non- Profit Housing Agenda

Renewed Inc. promotes greater awareness of affordable housing needs through nonprofit collaboration.


We support  the Nonprofit Housing Agenda, a collaborative effort among nonprofit organizations that increases the impact of the sector through concerted education and greater collective policy influence.

Groups come together to better cooperate, share ideas, and propose policy that can influence affordable housing in the state of Illinois and the State of Florida .


The result of the work of the Nonprofit Housing Agenda has been to strengthen the Illinois Housing markets while providing a service that is highly valued by the members and that has had an important, statewide impact on affordable housing resources and policies.

Renewed Inc. works with member organizations that have assisted in raising  the profile of affordable housing among lawmakers and increase the resources allocated to affordable housing in Illinois.


Member Organizations we work with 
  • National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC)

  • Neighborworks America

  • Department of Veteran Affairs 

  • Cook County Land Bank 

  • City of Chicago Blighted Homes Initiatives participant 

Supporting Organizations- Referral Sources 
  • Department of Veteran Affairs Housing Program





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